Top 4 Emergency Fund Tips

Financial gurus frequently mention that having an emergency fund…
February 17, 2022/by Jes R.

5 Tips for Managing Money During Extreme Weather Events

We live in Saskatchewan - we know how unpredictable and harsh…
December 23, 2021/by Rishika D.

It’s Time to Talk About Wills

Having a conversation about your will is something that nobody…
November 24, 2021/by Becky T.

Buying a Second Home – Where Do I Start?

You’ve already been through the process once and bought your…
November 9, 2021/by Nicole H.

Celebrating Credit Union Day: Building Financial Health

Today is Credit Union Day – a day to pause and reflect on what…
October 20, 2021/by Rachel L.

Good Debt vs. Bad Debt

The word "debt" is usually met with a negative connotation but…
September 29, 2021/by Francis D.

A Grad Student’s Guide to Going Back to School

Contemplating heading back to university for grad school? This…
September 15, 2021/by Rachel L.

Credit Cards 101

Our world is a little bit different now and so is the way you…
August 18, 2021/by Kailyn T.

Managing Money as a New Canadian

Moving to a new country and becoming a new Canadian is incredibly…
August 4, 2021/by Rishika D.

Eliminating the Stress in Buying a House

Buying a house is stressful. At least, that’s what I hear.…
July 21, 2021/by Clarke W.

Playing the Stock Market & Things to Know

Investing directly in the stock market is becoming more accessible…
July 7, 2021/by Francis D.

Basement Renovations: The Expected/Unexpected Costs

If you've been watching a lot of HGTV during the pandemic and…
June 28, 2021/by Nicole H.

Retirement Homes: When, Where & How Much

Beginning the conversation with a loved one about transitioning…
June 9, 2021/by Becky T.

Celebrating 100 MONEYTALK Blogs: Top 10 Blogs

Can you believe it!? We've made it to MONEYTALK Blog #100! For…
May 27, 2021/by Mason G.

Conquering the Resale Market & Building a VarageSale Empire

Ready to make a little extra money and declutter your space and…
May 12, 2021/by Kailyn T.
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How Debt Can Impact Your Relationship

Over half of Saskatchewan people say that they would have no…
April 24, 2021/by Laura M.

Puppy Ownership: Financial Costs, Tips & Advice

A puppy or a Peleton Bike: two things that you saw a lot of people…
April 15, 2021/by Rachel L.
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Investing Advice I Wish I Could Give My Younger Self

There are many things we've done in life where we'd love a second…
February 6, 2021/by Rachel L.
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Why You Need To Be Investing During Your 20s and 30s

Repeat after me: Investing is for everyone. If you are in your…
February 5, 2021/by Mason G.
An image showing growing investments

Should I Be Investing During a Pandemic?

One of the most popular questions we have been asked by our members…
December 3, 2020/by Francis D.

What 3 Saskatchewan Businesses Learned From Navigating COVID-19

To say that this past year has led to financial uncertainty for…
November 25, 2020/by Rachel L.

Travelling on a budget and getting more than I bargained for

Guest blog alert! This year's Saskatchewander, Leah Mertz, has…
November 18, 2020/by Laura M.

What I Learned From My 90 Day Spending Freeze

We've all heard of "cleanses" or "detoxes". Although traditionally…
November 6, 2020/by Melissa F.

How COVID-19 Affected My Wedding Day

Uncertainty, frustration, sadness - not the things I was expecting…
October 21, 2020/by Nicole H.

COVID-19 Blew Up My Budget & How I Pivoted

Adjusting a professional budget or a personal budget due to financial…
August 28, 2020/by Laura M.

What I Learned From Buying a House During COVID-19

Sorry, Dorothy - repeating "there’s no place like home" will…
July 30, 2020/by Kailyn T.

Recovering Canceled Travel Costs During COVID-19

This year travel came with all the stress and none of the excitement.…
July 16, 2020/by Rachel L.

How does COVID-19 affect how you renew your mortgage?

COVID-19 has changed the way we do many things and renewing your…
July 9, 2020/by TenilleB

How to Support Local in Saskatchewan Without Breaking Your Bank

Now more than ever, our local Saskatchewan businesses need our…
June 19, 2020/by Rachel L.

More COVID-19 Scams to Monitor

During this pandemic, it’s not just your physical health at…
April 6, 2020/by Rachel L.

Breaking Down the Emergency Support for COVID-19: Non-Profits & Charities

Managing a non-profit or charitable organization is very overwhelming…
April 1, 2020/by Melissa F.

What Emergency Funding is Available for Businesses & Ag Producers

The COVID-19 pandemic is making a significant impact on the Canadian…
March 26, 2020/by TenilleB

Breaking Down the Emergency Funds for COVID-19: Individuals & Families

The COVID-19 crisis has produced a lot of federal and provincial…
March 25, 2020/by TenilleB

Beware of These Scams During the Coronavirus Pandemic

As you take precautions to protect yourself from the coronavirus,…
March 20, 2020/by Mason G.

The Great Buy vs. Lease Debate

It's one of the most hotly contested debates of our time: Is…
February 26, 2020/by Mason G.

3 Key Money Tips for High Schoolers

No matter how old you are - you likely aren't satisfied with…
January 6, 2020/by Kailyn T.

“Ouch, My Budget!” – Tips for Getting Your Finances Back on Track

When the joy and excess of the holiday season fades, you might…
January 6, 2020/by Kailyn T.

Setting Resolutions for a Financially Healthy Year

Before the clock strikes midnight on New Years, we typically…
January 6, 2020/by Kailyn T.

Stop Robbing Peter To Pay Paul

Many of us have been there – we really want something, but…
November 28, 2019/by Mason G.

How TO Fall for a Scam

Yes, you read that right. Fraud is not new and is something that’s…
November 20, 2019/by Laura M.

The Gift Of Goals & How To Reach Them

Tis' the season for spending.  If it’s not school textbooks…
November 14, 2019/by Kailyn T.

How Take-Out Almost Took Out My Budget

With so many options for ordering meals via delivery, it's becoming…
November 6, 2019/by Mason G.

The Key To Basic Savings

 Savings. We all know we should have them, but it’s hard.…
October 23, 2019/by Kailyn T.

What Does it Really Mean to Pay Yourself First?

If you’ve heard the phrase Pay Yourself First before and never…
October 15, 2019/by Kailyn T.

Condo or condon’t? Is condo living right for you?

Purchasing a house is a huge decision and choosing the type of…
September 25, 2019/by Jes R.

Cracking open the books and not the piggy bank

School is officially back in session - where did summer go?!…
September 5, 2019/by Laura M.

Help! I Need a Mortgage!

Purchasing a home, especially your first, will be one of the…
August 15, 2019/by Kailyn T.

When should I ACTUALLY start saving for retirement?

Whether it's sunny beaches, cruising the open road, traveling…
August 1, 2019/by Nicole H.

How To Break Up With Your Bank

To switch or not to switch... that is the question! Switching…
July 25, 2019/by Kailyn T.

4 Quick Tips to Save on Insurance

Home insurance. Life insurance. Car insurance. All important…
July 3, 2019/by Laura M.

Get The Quarter Back: Saving Money at a Stadium

It's an exciting time for professional sports in Saskatchewan…
June 26, 2019/by Mason G.

Sask Travel on a Budget

To all the prairie dwellers, flatlanders, and those who love…
June 20, 2019/by Francis D.

Yes, Couponing is Still a Thing!

Lady Gaga, Kristen Bell, Hilary Swank, Kourtney Kardashian and…
June 13, 2019/by Nicole H.

The Cost of Being Single

Single and ready to mingle? Well, if you didn’t need another…
June 6, 2019/by Mason G.

Top 5 Strategies to Pay Off Your Debt

Believe me, I know - if you’re in debt, whether it’s big…
May 29, 2019/by Kailyn T.
A woman is making an online purchase and is holding her credit card in her hand and entering her credit card number

The Real Cost of Carrying a Balance on a Credit Card

Do you know what it actually costs when you carry a balance on…
May 22, 2019/by Kailyn T.
Couple reviewing how debt stacks up against other Canadians

How Does Your Debt Stack Up?

Let’s have a look at debt in Canada.
How much do people owe…
May 16, 2019/by Francis D.
Man and woman sitting on couch talking about finances

Honey, can we talk finances?

Does just the topic of finances with your significant other cause…
May 8, 2019/by Becky T.
girl and boy with arms around each other staring at front door of their home

Expenses of homeownership

The cost to own a home is more than just your mortgage payments.…
May 1, 2019/by Nicole H.
engaged couple holding a sign that says I said yes!

I’m engaged! Now what?

Being newly engaged is such an exciting time and an important…
April 24, 2019/by Jes R.
race track with lanes three and four

7 simple ways to improve your finances

Improving your financial situation won't happen overnight and…
April 17, 2019/by Rachel L.
Person putting credit card into ATM

Cash advances | What to know and advice

Here are some things to know about a cash advance and tips before…
April 10, 2019/by Francis D.
filing system for income taxes

Why you should file an income tax return

Filing a tax return is important, even if you had no income for…
April 3, 2019/by Laura M.
living room of home filled with moving boxes

5 tips for anyone moving out for the first time

Moving out on your own for the first time can be quite overwhelming,…
March 27, 2019/by Rachel L.
Pile of sticky notes with New Year resolutions written on them

Adjusting your New Year’s resolutions

If you're struggling to stick to your resolutions or have already…
January 16, 2019/by Rachel L.
couple sitting on couch, looking at a computer

10 ways to take control of your finances

A New Year means resolutions and often times have a financial…
January 4, 2019/by Laura M.
five friends celebrating New Year's Eve

Ring in NYE without all the bells

Tired of being let down by the hype of New Year's Eve? Us too!…
December 26, 2018/by Rachel L.
holiday wrapped presents

Giving the gift of time

It's not about how much you spend on a gift or how big the gift…
December 19, 2018/by Courtney R.
Hand scrolling through social media on a tablet

The financial pressures of social media

Social media has transformed the way we see things and how we…
December 5, 2018/by Laura M.
building with credit union logo

Why I made the switch to a credit union

Not happy with your bank, but scared to make the switch? Read…
October 17, 2018/by Jes R.
List of payments

How much money should I spend on…

Where should you be spending your money? This blog shares the…
October 10, 2018/by Nicole H.
mortgage documents and pen

Fixed vs. variable: picking a mortgage that’s right for you

Fixed or variable? When it comes to picking the type of mortgage…
October 4, 2018/by Rachel L.
Baby lying down with silly face

Surviving the first year of parenthood: advice from Moms

The first year of parenthood can be stressful - financially and…
September 26, 2018/by Laura M.
computer by picture of stick figures with word finance

The power of financial literacy

Financial literacy is a critical life skill that helps you to…
September 19, 2018/by Laura M.
stack of pancakes with fruit and syrup

No-spend weekend challenge

Weekend spending can add up. Consider taking the weekend off…
September 12, 2018/by Jes R.
school supplies including sneakers, binders and pencils

Back-to-school money saving tips

Back-to-school expenses can add up quickly. To help you prepare…
August 29, 2018/by Laura M.
Girl holding a credit card

Building blocks of credit

Credit isn't a bad thing if used responsibly and can be a tool…
July 25, 2018/by Jes R.
Dad taking selfie with son and daughter

Costs of raising a child

Having a baby is a very exciting experience, but what some may…
July 18, 2018/by Laura M.
table with several wrapped wedding gifts

Unique wedding gift ideas

Trying to find the best wedding gift can sometimes be stressful.…
July 12, 2018/by Jes R.
girl taking picture of food

Do you have the fear of missing out?

In a society of technology, we continually face the pressure…
July 6, 2018/by Courtney R.
Mom talking to son, with piggy bank, about money

5 Activities for Young Kids: Introduction to Money

Introducing your kids to money early on can create a foundation…
June 13, 2018/by Laura M.
person holding pen looking at investments

Investment terminology 101

Choosing an investment best suited to help you reach your goals…
May 31, 2018/by Francis D.
couple looking at tablet

Pay Yourself First

Paying yourself first means saving first and spending what's…
May 16, 2018/by Francis D.
married couple looking into the sunset at Saskatchewan legislature building

#MONEYTALKs to have before marriage

Money is an important conversation to have in any relationship.…
May 3, 2018/by Courtney R.
income tax form

Smart ways to spend your income tax refund

It may be tempting to spend your income tax refund on a new pair…
April 26, 2018/by Laura M.
jar labelled budget with coins in it

The importance of having an emergency fund

Life happens and sometimes an unexpected curveball is thrown…
March 13, 2018/by Courtney R.
person handing setting of keys to another person

Tips for first-time homebuyers

Purchasing your first home is a big life decision. Our Mobile…
March 9, 2018/by Nicole H.
Variety of icons related to finances

#FinLit: understanding common financial terms

Being financially literate means you understand all things money.…
February 20, 2018/by Francis D.
couple standing in middle of road with heart balloons

Cheap date night alternatives: Winter

Looking for a few date night ideas that won't break the bank?…
February 12, 2018/by Nicole H.
weights at a gym

Choosing a gym membership right for you

Finding the right gym or fitness program can be difficult. Here…
February 8, 2018/by Jes R.
bill that says past due

Kick-start your finances: eliminating debt

Debt can have a negative impact on your day-to-day life. Here…
February 5, 2018/by Laura M.
person shopping for fruit at grocery store

How grocery shopping online saved me money

Ever wonder if online grocery shopping is for you? Here is my…
February 1, 2018/by Laura M.
Woman holding piggy bank

Kick-start your finances: automatic savings

You can't spend what you can't see, right? Set up automatic money…
January 30, 2018/by Laura M.
brown paper bag lunch of a sandwich and apple

What’s your daily lunch costing you?

Buying lunch may be convenient - and tasty - but the costs can…
January 24, 2018/by Nicole H.
person holding a phone in front of a computer

Kick-start your finances: tracking your spending

In order to make your budget successful, you'll need to keep…
January 22, 2018/by Laura M.
burger with fries

Eating out: kids edition

Looking for ways to save money when going out to eat with the…
January 18, 2018/by Laura M.
person holding sign that says budget

Kick-start your finances: creating a budget

Create a budget that works for you using the information and…
January 14, 2018/by Laura M.
retired couple hiking in field

Retirement: will you have enough?

Retirement - whether far away or just around the corner, it will…
January 12, 2018/by Francis D.
black background with hanging lightbulbs

Cut your energy costs today

Becoming more energy efficient is a great way to potentially…
January 10, 2018/by Courtney R.
receipt on top of a variety of items purchased

Kick-start your finances: where does my money go?

Not sure where all your money is going? This blog helps you dig…
January 8, 2018/by Laura M.
van with luggage tied to top, driving on a beach

Planning a vacation? Consider this to save & be prepared

Planning a vacation somewhere hot? Or maybe to the mountains…
January 5, 2018/by Nicole H.
man kick boxing

Kick-start your finances: goal setting

Setting financial goals helps you to figure out what's important,…
January 1, 2018/by Laura M.

Being real with your New Year’s resolutions

Only about 8% of people actually achieve their New Year's resolutions.…
December 29, 2017/by Nicole H.
busy shopping mall

Boxing Day shop like a champ

Take the stress out of Boxing Day shopping by following a few…
December 22, 2017/by Nicole H.
Conexus Credit Union

Credit unions vs banks: What’s the difference?

When it comes to managing your finances and choosing where to…
December 18, 2017/by Francis D.
holiday cup and pastry

Holiday entertainment on a budget

The holidays can be quite busy and costly, especially if you're…
December 14, 2017/by Jes R.
Home for sale sign

Mortgage stress tests: what to know

Keep hearing the term mortgage 'stress' test but unsure what…
December 12, 2017/by Courtney R.
homemade holiday gift

The secret ingredient is love: DIY gifts

Homemade is always the best type of gift. Here are a few DIY…
December 6, 2017/by Jes R.
teal piggy bank with christmas to do list

Making a list & checking it twice

Finances can be stressful, especially during the holiday season.…
November 30, 2017/by Courtney R.
hands with money

Kids & Money: Have the #MONEYTALK today

It's important to have the #MONEYTALK with your kids. We talked…
November 23, 2017/by Laura M.

It CAN Happen to You: Protecting Yourself From Fraud

Protect yourself from fraud using these tips on detecting scams…
November 22, 2017/by Laura M.
young family in park

What to know when it comes to RESPs

A Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) is a great investment…
November 20, 2017/by Laura M.
Bowl of ramen noodles

It doesn’t just need to be ramen noodles

Money can be stressful when you're a student but that doesn't…
November 17, 2017/by Nicole H.
woman looking into the distance

Getting out of the pay cheque to pay cheque cycle

Almost half of Canadians say they live pay cheque to pay cheque.…
November 10, 2017/by Laura M.

Welcome to Conexus #MONEYTALK

When it comes to finances, everyone is different – your wants…
November 5, 2017/by Laura M.